How Sally lost 18 Kilograms and is keeping it off


I started working with Pete in January 2015. In typical Sally fashion I thought I could get other people to get active by doing it myself, I didn’t know how much I was going to change. Then, my weight was 88.6kg (5'2" tall and 61 years).

I had mobility issues which I chose to ignore and had damaged shoulders, but  working alongside my physio, Pete got everything back in tip top condition. Managing the stairs used to be so painful but now there is no more pain!

By the end of 2015 my weight had dropped to 83.9kg (4.7kg loss). My first weight loss goal was set early in 2016 because I had a family wedding and was wearing a tight dress in October, and planned to walk the Milford Track in November. With these goals in mind I increased my training to a Box-Fit Group class and a second PT session. I not only looked fabulous, but more importantly, I felt fabulous at the wedding, as the dress had fit very nicely. The Milford trek was extremely challenging, but I was empowered by my independence. I could tell I made great progress as I saw  other people, younger than myself, show signs of struggle.

Pete organised PT sessions into strength and cardio sessions. People began noticing my body shape suddenly, which changed from being active, eating better and having fun. This change didn't occur from destroying myself on machines and eating cardboard. In November 2017 I was away from exercise for 8 weeks due to surgery, so I spent this time focusing on my nutrition. Pete’s Food Guide and Nutrition Plan is awesome. Today I weigh 70 kilo’s and I’m still losing. I am eating better and have more energy than ever before. I feel fabulous!

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