To help people Move Better. Live Better. Be Better. Age Better.


Create the change in attitude and mindset within individuals through engagement, education, practice and empowerment so that they can become a master of their own health and wellbeing.


Pete Davies
Head Coach
Hi, I’m Pete, Head Coach and Master Functional Trainer here at Coaching Fit4Life. I provide all the face to face coaching and training you will come across here at Coaching Fit4Life. From Cardio Boxing classes and Bootcamps, to Semi-Private and Personal one on one coaching sessions, I’ll be the one to see you through.

I love to see people enjoy life, so I am passionate about helping people do just that. I create exercises that are fun, challenging and meaningful. Most of us don’t realise the power we have within ourselves. My job is to find it for you so that you can you use it to create the Better You.

Qualifications: Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Master Functional Trainer (FTI), Pregnant and Post-Natal Trainer (Mishfit)
Anne Davies
Customer Support
Hello, I’m Anne. I am the head of Accounts and Administration and my job is to make sure things run as smoothly as we can possibly manage.

We are a small husband and wife team with a passion to lead our own healthy active lifestyle. This passion has evolved into helping others create similar ways of life from this world of busy, time poor lives most of us are now leading.

I offer support and encouragement at our group fitness sessions that I also take part in regularly. This I believe brings a friendlier, more approachable atmosphere to Coaching Fit4Life than you might find at much larger fitness facilities.