Online Group Fitness Membership: Pay via a weekly membership fee.

Let’s get moving is what Coaching Fit4Life is all about. Coaching Fit4Life way is all about community. Being a part of a likeminded community brings a sense of belonging, friendship, encouragement, fun and support. Coaching Fit4Life’s group fitness program comprises the four pillars of functional fitness: mobility, agility, strength, and conditioning. Each pillar can be found separately to the others has its own way of fitting in with your fitness level and your capacity for working hard. Both classes are very much work to your own level and pace under the close eye of your experienced Coach, who can modify any exercise to fit in with what you can do on any day. You will receive, during the winter months, access to 5 live video online group fitness classes, and during the warmer months, the opportunity to take part in; one face to face outdoor group fitness class a week (weather permitting) and 4 live video online group fitness classes a week. This plus access to all the recorded online group fitness classes while you have a valid Online Group Fitness Membership.

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