Coaching Fit4Life Personal Training is offered in two configurations: One on One Private Coaching and Semi-Private Coaching. Both options will provide you with tailor made coaching to suit your specific goals and levels of fitness. You will start your Health and Fitness Journey by regaining your ability to move properly once again, reconnect your brain with your movements and maximise the strength your body has once the mind reconnects with it. Your capacity, reflexes, decision making, and attitude will all be improved, leading to better choices, more resilience, more self-confidence, leaving you more empowered to take on life and what it throws at you. And if you want to lose weight then that’s in there too!

Semi-Private Coaching allows to share the Coach with up to a maximum of three other people at the same time. Therefore, it is cheaper than One on One coaching and is often purchased with the goal of moving towards One on One Coaching after a set number of sessions.

One on One Coaching is for you if want to have the Coach all to yourself. This is the more expensive way to get your coaching but allows for you and your coach to work on more specific ways to maximise your capabilities, heighten your experience and spend more time honing your skills and knowledge.


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